Macpac brings outdoor innovation to the world with Tryzens

Macpac brings outdoor innovation to the world with Tryzens

9th July 2019 - Founded in 1973 in a Christchurch garage, Macpac has evolved over nearly 50 years to be a global leader in outdoor equipment, apparel and accessories. With deep roots in New Zealand’s mountaineering community, it designs a range that covers any climate or scenario with a big emphasis on functionality. Macpac stands for quality, durability, and environmental and social responsibility. As New Zealand’s original technical outdoor brand, it has always taken inspiration from the uniquely harsh environment in its own backyard, and will always be a Christchurch based business.

Macpac was in need of a scalable platform to support international expansion and growth as it was selling $10 million plus and struggling to keep up on an outdated open source platform, that had been heavily customised. It needed an agile and flexible platform that would future proof the business for unimpeded global growth as well as expansion into new product lines as its team continue to innovate.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud was selected as the platform to transform Macpac into a global adventure leader. The website underwent a comprehensive re-design process with the team at Tryzens with a particular emphasis on the unique content and messaging that customers have come to love, which balances the fun and the technical. With the acquisition of Macpac by Super Retail Group in 2018, it was also announced that Macpac would take over the Rays business to create the Macpac Adventure Hub, the go-to destination for outdoor adventure gear from some of the world’s best brands.

Tryzens was instrumental in creating this new megastore, while maintaining the core value proposition and aesthetic of the original brand. The new site represents a new standard in rich content, accessibility and customer focus that can drive global growth and revenue increases with a frictionless online experience that replicates the one offered in-store.

Mark Jagger, E-commerce and Digital Marketing Manager at MacPac, comments: “Tryzens has built a new level of flexibility into our website, supporting our new loyalty scheme with Air New Zealand and our ability to offer more engaging content that illustrates the adventures our customers can enjoy. This helps our brand to resonate with our target demographic more than ever before. Tryzens has provided a site that is ready for content expansion.”

“From early discussions with Tryzens, we knew they had a thorough understanding of, and alignment with, the branding goals of Macpac, backed by a team with excellent e-commerce and Salesforce credentials It’s now up to Macpac, still working alongside Tryzens as a partner, to fully take advantage of the platform.”

Site features:

  • Macpac Club loyalty integration

This loyalty programme has been seamlessly integrated to offer loyal Macpac customers special discounts and offers on product as well as comprehensive account features.

  • Plan my trip

A handy trip planner which allows customer to input their desired date, destination, activity and number of participants which will then supply a trip planner, local weather warnings, packing list and an outdoor safety guide to make sure you are prepared for your next adventure!

  • Macpac Adventure Hub

The launch of the Macpac Adventure Hub introduced thousands of products and an extensive catalogue of new brands into the Macpac ecosystem to create an outdoor megastore that stays true to the brand.

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