Biting into the Apple: What top tech giant can teach us about retail

Biting into the Apple: What top tech giant can teach us about retail

Thanks to an increasingly competitive market, making it in retail is a challenge these days. Coming up with fresh ideas and knowing how to sell them can, in fact, seem impossible.

It’s not surprising, then, that many of us look to the most innovative retailers for inspiration. These are brands who are killing it right now, and doing so in ways which set them apart. And, when it comes to companies who are ruling the market, it doesn’t get better than Apple.

As well as a substantial online presence, Apple stores are about the most stylish and buzzing right now. They offer an experience which is 100% tailored to the Apple brand and, despite pretty high price points, they’re coming out on top in the tech market.

If you’re looking for a little retail space inspiration, then, it might be worth implementing these Apple store lessons. 

Online isn’t everything

In an age where many retailers neglect physical spaces, Apple teaches us the crucial lesson that online isn’t everything. Apple’s head of retail, Angela Ahrendts went as far as to say, “We think of Apple Retail as Apple’s largest products.”

Hence why Apple stores are a heavy focus despite online success. The fact is that even Apple, tech hub of the world, realise how vital human interaction is. Online sales may matter, but they only actually made up 10% of total retail sales in the US during the third quarter of 2018. That means 90% of sales still come from physical stores, and that means your shop space definitely matters.

Sleek is chic

Anyone who’s spent time in an Apple store will know that the space-age vibe is on-point. The smooth polished floors and minimalist designs are indeed a lesson in how to design right. Long gone are the days when customers enjoyed cluttered shops with narrow aisles and short-fibre floor carpets.

Instead, you’ll find that shop design matters these days and that you want to go as sleek as you can. We’re talking about polished concrete resurfacing and one of each item to keep things streamlined. And, of course, Apple has also shown us that neutral colours could well be the keys to customers’ hearts. 

Education is key

It's worth noting, too, that Apple stores often look more like interactive classrooms than retail spaces. Test products are on display for everyone to use, and a team of expert staff are as much about teaching as they are about sales.

Apple has undoubtedly cottoned onto the fact that building loyal customers is all about providing the tools they need to get the most from their products. Make sure, then, that you train your staff enough to be able to give good advice as well as putting money in your tills.

Apple isn't the only company you could learn from right now, but they are one of the best. You could even argue that they're changing the face of retail right now, and you will soon feel benefits from following in their footsteps. 

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