Adyen research shows importance of omnichannel shoppers

Adyen research shows importance of omnichannel shoppers

A new report from Adyen highlights the value of unified commerce to retailers. 

This analyses data across its global payments platform, which processed €159 billion in transactions in 2018. Omnichannel shoppers spend 15% more per purchase than those who shop just on one channel. The report also shows that providing a positive omnichannel experience boosts loyalty as those that shop with retailers both online and offline spend twice as often as single channel shoppers. 

Globally, those who shop across multiple channels spend 30% more per purchase. Four in five single channel purchases globally are made in-store, with 20% completed online. However, for omnichannel shopping, 60% of purchases are made in-store.

Myles Dawson, UK Managing Director at Adyen, comments: “Debate continues to rage on about whether online shopping is killing retail, but actually it’s a symbiotic relationship. Those retailers that create the seamless link between the online and offline channels will prosper.”

“What matters most is creating an experience that gives your customers the opportunity to choose. The data shows that if you do, your customers will spend more, and make purchases more often. Online channels will help drive footfall to physical stores and vice versa.”

The report is available for download here.

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