The power of employees in retail

The power of employees in retail

When you’re in the business of creating products and handing them out to customers in exchange for delicious amounts of money, you know that it’s not as simple as it might at first seem. You have all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes with regards to bringing in raw materials, negotiation, distribution, all of the administration, and many other essential factors. Another extremely important facet of a business like this is the way those on the front line affect things. 

From the outside looking in, it may seem that retail employees are simply placed in a store and made to serve your needs before happily clocking out when it’s their time to leave. I can assure you that a lot more goes into it. These individuals are a huge part of any business, and without their particular skills, the quality service you receive and the image of their own brand would plummet. 

As we mentioned before, they’re more than just moving mannequins. They keep everything flowing smoothly as the face of the company whilst also adding that extra bit of zest to everything. Let’s run through just how retail employees are just as valuable as those in more cushy positions. 

Customer engagement 

When you want to sell products and make lots of money, you can’t expect people to just flock to your stores and give you whatever you want. There needs to be a middle-man in there that can connect the customer to the product. Sure, some people may already have a plan of what they’re buying, and they have no intention of getting any chatting done during so, but what about those who are ‘just browsing, thank you’. Subconsciously, when you walk into a store with no real intention of actually purchasing anything, you become a lot more interested literally the moment a helpful-looking person approaches you. 

Expert knowledge 

They aren’t just random people brought in off the street. They are trained to a very high degree. In many stores, they have training days that include packing as much information about every single product into their brains as is humanly possible. When you approach an employee to ask about a certain product, you never expect them to say ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue’. They’re knowledgeable enough to tell you pretty much everything you need to know. We take this stuff for granted in today’s fast-paced society.   

Communication skills 

We talked about how a simple approach and a conversation will improve somebody’s experience in a store, but as customers delve further into conversations with retail employees, they often become even more open to making a purchase. Most workers in this sector are skilled socially and are able to strike up relationships with customers immediately. Being able to make somebody comfortable with you and with the store is a sure-fire way of convincing people to part with their money. 

Product passion  

Lots of companies often employ people with a real passion for the particular stuff they are selling. If you’re looking to increase your quality of hire, it’s wise to recruit these kinds of individuals. It’s less common in stores that sell everyday general goods and groceries, but in places like clothing stores, bookstores and video game stores, it’s smart to bring in people that know everything inside out. When you’re looking to buy a particular product, would you be more excited by someone that really shows how much they love the item or someone who feels nothing towards it? When someone creates a desire for something, it automatically makes it more attractive – like when a child sees you fiddling around with something and immediately wants to steal it from you!     

Enhancing environments

The power that people can have over the mood of a certain area can be quite astonishing. A way in which retail employees also make customers more comforted and convinced is through the atmosphere around them. The feeling of a store can make or break a sale. Some places need a calmer and relaxed environment in order to make people more inclined to purchase things; some areas need to blare loud music! Often when people first enter a store, they’ll be left for a while before being approached in any way – there will be no tills or shelves to look at as their brains need a few seconds to adjust to their new surroundings.   

Closing the sale 

Finally, people in the retail industry are trained at closing a sale. After the approach has happened, the fantastic communication has been made, and the passion has all be delivered, getting someone excited about actually buying a product and taking it home is another skill that needs to be honed – and many have it in abundance. It’s not just about getting a deal over the line, however. Upselling is a fantastic trait that is exhibited – often without people even realising. 

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